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If your office technology is correctly implemented you can expect your hardware to serve faithfully for many years. It does however become necessary to upgrade or add devices in your office network that will give your business increased productivity. We offer dedicated servers, workstations, LCD monitors, wireless keyboard/mice, printers, scanners, phone systems, and many other small business network products. All servers, workstations, and LCD monitors come with a 3 year warranty. Call or email for a free quote.


We provide service to your entire network, both hardware and software. We are

equipped to support your existing

hardware and stand firmly behind any

product we sell. We can customize a service/maintenance package for your

office that is not only affordable, but will

keep your network running in tip-top shape.

As with any type of machine or equipment, properly implemented service and maintenance will keep your system running smoothly for many years where a neglected system is sure to fail prematurely. Call or email to schedule a complimentary visit and we will give you an in depth analysis of your network and customized a Service Package for your needs.


Software and hardware integration is essential to a properly maintained network. We integrate your office technology so that you and your staff can truly "work smarter, not harder". Many of our clients use proprietary software and hardware specific to their industry, which requires a

well-designed network for proper functionality. We also implement software updates to keep your network and staff up to date. Updates often resolve issues and bring added functionality to your work environment. This also means maintaining your hardware drivers and updating them per manufacture specs.


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